Hey, I’m Robert.

In late 2022, I stumbled upon the fascinating metaphysical science of numbers, numerology. Since then, I have been obsessed with numbers. 

Most people zigzag through in life like a pinball machine. Numerology is a road map that helps you live up to your true essence. 

You doubt it? That’s ok. Today’s mighty oak was yesterday’s nut that held its ground!

Master number 33

Master Number 33

Master number 33 is considered as the ‘master teacher’ of numerology. Some also refer it to as the ‘master nurturer’. Kaerhart emphasizes that 33s are

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master number 22

Master Number 22

Numerology is the study of numbers and how they effect our lives. Every human being has his or her own unique birth chart. Understanding how

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life path number 9

Life Path Number 9

Where you’ve mapped your zodiac sign or delved into human destiny, you’ve probably come across numerology. Numerology is an occult science of numbers that supersedes

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master number 11

Master Number 11

In the ancient metaphysical science known as numerology, it is believed that numbers hold energetic power and vibrations that influence our purpose in life. One

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life path number 8

Life Path Number 8

In recent years, numerology has gained popularity in Western culture. It is also evident in other cultures in Asia. In summary, it provides a great

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Life Path Number 7

Life Path Number 7

Numerologists firmly believe that numbers and letters hold a subatomic frequency. Your name and birthdate create a life path for you, and since life is

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